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Focalize Designer is a visual and collaborative workflow platform that helps product, lifestyle designers and creative teams ideate, create, and present their ideas and collections.

We give creative people the possibility to work visually and to marry instinct with information in one interactive platform.

No more manual processes, low-efficiency tools or PLM systems that are not configured to support the creation process.


Turning inspirations and design concepts into products customers and retailers love is arguably the most crucial step in the product creation and development process.

Grand collections of trending and inspiring images, sketches and designs, color palettes, fabrics, texture, good moodboards and interactive portfolios, all of this content is in the palm of your hand for seamlessly creating seasonal stories and to transmit the mood of their collections.


Fashion is cyclical. Everything comes back around and a few seasons later you often want to revisit past collections.

A digital platform gives full visibility of the collection ‘story’ anytime, enabling designers to document all of their content or information without losing anything and to work with more informed knowledge, efficiency and speed.


Advanced technologies empowering an immersive creative process.

  • Capture Inspirations and Create Moodboards
  • Make Sketches
  • Organize Designs and Collections
  • Present Product Overviews and Interactive Portfolios
  • Seamlessly Chat, Share, and Collaborate
  • Store Images and Assets
  • Integrate with popular Apps, PLM, ERP & Ecommerce

All through one platform accessible from mobile, tablet and web.

Capture and Access Inspirations Easily

Whatever and whenever you have a flash of genius, walking down the street, while traveling or on a trade show visit, capture ideas and get an inspiration right away. Take a pic, type out notes into your smartphone or take videos, record sounds and more, all from within Focalize Designer.

When you are on the way home and thinking about your idea, you are able to start working on it instead of waiting until you are back in your office. Tag inspirations, add notes about what inspired you, categorize them for easy access and automatically store everything in one place.

Moodboards Made Easy and Fun

Seamlessly create digital moodboards in the palm of your hand.

Work together with colleagues all over the world on the same moodboard with the capability to change it in real time or save numerous versions.

All the moodboards are saved within a centralized storage system where it can be found by season, collection or name.

And remember if you want to return to a moodboard a few seasons later you will be able to easily access it.

Designs Done Right

Create sketches or import digital and paper based sketches and designs.

Manage your sketches, link them to moodboards and create your  linesheet.

Concept Book brings it all together

Inspirations, moodboards, designs, colors, texture, fabrics are hyperlinked and automatically organized into an interactive catalog for easy review and presentation.

With a simple click on any content in the Concept Book everything about that piece of content can be accessed easily – you just can’t achieve that on a physical level.


Invite colleagues, partners and suppliers to work on your creative journey.  Chat with them and find the conversations easily.  Don’t waste your time using different tools, you can do it all inside our platform.

Real time collaboration helps you make decisions easier, reduce time and errors to create collections.


  • Visually driven and built for designers.
  • More knowledge, efficiency and speed.
  • Bring the right product to market, faster and satisfy consumer demands for newness.
  • Collaborate with suppliers and co-workers in the most productive way possible.
  • See all your content from one central, cloud-based hub accessible from mobile, tablet and computer.

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